Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Off Season...

The west side of Old Rag, as seen from Hawksbill... the quietest of times for hikers.
The summit area and rock scramble can be treacherous with ice this time of year... it's a long slippery drop with a very sudden stop. Be prepared for icy conditions with the appropriate footwear and protective gear (good advice for this time of year is to always pack as if you may wind up in an emergency overnight bivouac)...and as always, solid advice for going into the mountains, (and more importantly, coming back out of the mountains)... if in doubt, turn back.

The program administrators for the ORMS program have been working daily to prepare for the next season.. planning training and developing a compendium of lessons learned from a busy first year. Next year should prove to be amazing! Join us and be a part of it!