Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Training

With our "official" season beginning next weekend, the Stewards trained this past weekend to prepare for all sorts of possibilities.. This year's training focus was on providing first response care.
Trust me... these are the guys you want to find on Old Rag if you need help!

.. and to enhance the reality of our training, we even had really cold temperatures (in the teens), and snow... BOTH of which are possibilities in the mountains thru May! BE PREPARED!

Our instructor for the course was Marco Yuracheck from SOLO in NH. The training he provided was OUTSTANDING.. since he was able to offer it from the perspective as both the care giver and the victim..

(He suffered a major(near fatal) climbing accident locally, and he was able to provide some very unique insights to the effect of quality of care and rescuer actions on the patient... Helping us to again, and as always, provide the highest level of training and readiness possible for our Stewards.)

A very bad day rock climbing .. for both the climber, and the belayer!

In a couple of weeks, 8 of the Stewards will be training in Alabama for High Angle Technical rescues.. another level of training indeed!