Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A National Treasure??

If this is such a special place, special enough to often have more than 2,000 hikers per day...
Why do we find this stuff all over the place???
Out of sight???.. only for the user of this bottle.
Come on folks.. once it's empty, it's light to carry out!

YES... that is a pile of used toilet paper about 2 ft off the trail near the summit!

One persons Narnia sign is another's graffiti... You gotta ask yourself are more signs really needed or wanted? or are they just fun for YOU?

Ahhh.... food and water how considerate! and lovely, too!NOT!
(A fed bear is a dead bear! who do you think eats these scraps???)

Trail mix. (see comment above)

Not to mention stripped saplings, hacked up trees, new, unauthorized trails that are eroding the mountainside like crazy. Come on folks! We can do better!!!