Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Recap

For those of you who follow such accounting... we have finally finished tallying up all of the pertinent "bean counter" data for the Old Rag Mountain Stewards for 2011.... and I have to say, that for a volunteer organization, we nailed up some pretty impressive numbers. (as one of our members said "it proves the old adage: many hands make light work"
A brief summary of the year:
-ORMS donated 4338 hours of STEWARDSHIP SERVICE (of which 816 hours are travel)
- averaged 5.3 stewards on the mountain per weekend...
- We provided 880 sets of directions..
-We taught 90 lessons in outdoor skills to novice hikers/campers..
-We put out and disassembled 15 fires/rings!! (open fires are illegal on ORM!!!)
- taught 350 LNT /plant /resource lessons to visitors..
-.had 4 major incidents involving carryouts/medivac (plus we assisted with 1 on another mountain)...
-We re-connected 14 separated parties...
-We escorted and assisted 32 groups off the mountain due to low visibility and their lack of preparedness....
- We observed 44 dogs on the mountain, also illegal!
-We observed lots of folks camping illegally,
- and of all things, we had 5 incidents of having to clear the trails because folks had brushed them in!!?
Beyond service on the mountain, the volunteers of ORMS also completed... 2,110 hours of focused hard skill training training.... from first aid and rescue to climbing and plant identification.
THOSE are impressive numbers in anyone's book ...and we are all looking forward to 2012!.