Monday, April 27, 2009

Even more ready.

While the first official ORMS weekend isn't until the first weekend in May (supposedly timed for the highest visitation weekends... ha!) our good friend and fellow ORM Steward Bob Look reports that the past few weekends have been crazy crowded.. all due to the beautiful, if hot, weather. While he's kept his circuits on the mountain, taking time to interact with the many visitors, other off duty stewards have had the opportunity to render some critical first aid while on Old Rag for recreation... and still some of the other stewards have been busy keeping their technical rescue skills sharp and helping folks from numerous federal agencies as well as NPS Search and Rescue teams on top of their rescue skills.

This past week Stewards Chad, Jeremy and Andy traveled to the North Carolina section of the Blue Ridge Parkway (Linville Gorge area) to help with the Eastern High Angle Rescue Training.. This year was the third year of their participation, but the first for them as instructors...

..all in the name of helping the ORMS be one of the most professional and fully prepared volunteer mountain safety organizations around..

See you this weekend!

1 comment:

Bob Look said...

Great pictures of High Angle Rescue Training.

Boy it will be great to have everybody back.

Lots of visitors to help and we are not even into the Mountain Laurel season yet.

Really looking forward to catching up with all the ORMSs' lives especially the outdoor activity stories this weekend.