Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"There was no way I was making it down on my own."

"I'm the big blue burrito they helped down the mountain and thank God they did. There was no way I was making it down on my own. .. I have plenty of time now to reflect upon the events yesterday and I am so grateful to the wonderful people that helped me out. (ORM Steward )Bob, was first on the scene, was honest and thorough telling me exactly what to expect. I am so inspired by the generosity and good nature of these volunteers. Everyone who helped was fabulous and I'm eternally grateful."
This was received from a person who experienced a very difficult time and accident during the ascent of Old Rag on 7 November.. A more complete accounting of the weekend can be found on Bob's blog.
This year, from May thru November, the ORMS program has made a big difference on Old Rag Mountain both in terms of the visitor experience and the resource protection. Our last official weekend on the mountain is November 13, 14. Then, we'll be gone until next Spring. If you or anyone you know is (very) fit, interested in mountain skills, helping others, educating people about this magnificent natural resource (Stewarding!) and would like to join this select group, please contact us!

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