Tuesday, October 21, 2008

18-19 October

When the summit looks like this...

.. and the trails are full of hikers.. and the wait times at the squeeze points are 90 minutes (and more!)..

It makes the few quiet moments at the Old Rag sweet spots all the sweeter for the ORMS staff. The late afternoon sun was just starting to bathe Madison County in shadows when we got our first chance to relax a bit and enjoy the views..

This Saturday was perhaps the busiest day of visitation in recent memory on Old Rag Mountain.

Even with the all the visitors and the assistance we provided, returning stewards Ben, Michael and Emily were able to get a full plate of training.

We visited some of the little known cultural sites in the Old Rag vicinity (Here, Michael is at an old home ruin, washtub still in place.)

To understand the full significance of Old Rag, past and present, cultural and natural, is an important goal for the stewards of this resource.

Emily took time out from training on first response situations (sprains, strains and fractures) to explain to (numerous) groups of visitors the importance of the rescue and life support gear that is kept in the "big green box" that we keep near the summit.... (NO! It's NOT a urinal!!!)

We also spent a portion of the day reviewing climbing and rescue knots and general ropecraft.

(While no steward is expected to be an expert with climbing gear and high angle rescue, it is important to have a general knowledge and understanding of basic climbing/rescue techniques on a mountain like Old Rag.)

At the end of the day, a day full of incredibly meaningful work, it's nice to reflect on the view from the "corner office".

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Anonymous said...

You guys are doing an amazing job up there.. THANKS!!