Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two Fall weekends down...

The October weekend of 11,12 marked our second full blown ORMS weekend... staffed with 7 volunteers and one visiting land manager from Kent, England.
And while Old Rag experiences consistently high visitor usage on October weekends, the focus of these first fully staffed weekends is TRAINING.. the ORMS program requires a lot of knowledge, and we spend a considerable amount of time with on-the-job-training (OJT). Our presence on the mountain, even when training, is also a godsend to those who have misplaced themselves from the trail, or are experiencing other unforeseen difficulties.

Not only do we cover the background of the program, LNT, the culture and history of the region, first response /emergency procedures for mountain medical emergencies.. we also cover basic everyday skills like the use of the park's communication system. Before we even leave parking lot, we all conduct a series of solid radio checks, and practice established communications protocols. Here, Michael is tuning the "brick", Bob studies the new hi-speed (lo-drag) ORMS specials, and Matt (from SMG) supervises.

Here's the gang, minus Chad and Andy (from SMG) prior to Saturday's initial circuit of the mountain

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